Book Preface



The supernatural has intrigued humans for centuries. Tales of ghosts, bizarre creatures, and aliens have been described in countless communities throughout the world. The skeptic and the believer can agree that many of these are fictitious tales created in the minds of imaginative people. Yet, there are those of us who do believe certain unexplained, paranormal reports to be true. In fact, many of us were former skeptics whose experiences have made us believers.

Every phenomenon has traits that identify it as belonging to a certain category. Just as we know that barking is a dog’s trait and having leaves is a trait of trees, reports of the supernatural involve specific traits as well. It is these characteristics that I include in each of the following stories so that you, the reader, can become more familiar with events and beings that may be previously unknown. Those of you who know of the creatures within this book may find an aspect or two that is different from your understanding. Until there is concrete proof, variations in descriptions will occur.

Some of the following short stories are based on specific encounters with the paranormal. Others are tales of fiction that may include bits and pieces of reports that believers deem to have credibility. I appreciate that the world is already a fascinating place, and that without proof one can justifiably claim unbelievable events didn’t happen, even if they are being conveyed in earnest. Yet, what if in some of these cases the proof has yet to be realized? What if these events, however fantastical, did happen? The following tales imagine a world that we have yet to understand but may exist nonetheless.

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