Eerie Encounters


Stories of the paranormal have been shared in all cultures throughout history. These narratives can easily be dismissed as they generally have no scientific proof to satisfy logic. But with many sincere witnesses to the various types of creatures, events, and entities that comprise these phenomena, the questions about their reality persists.

Most of the 17 short stories included in this book are original versions of events inspired by reports from seemingly credible sources. There are also a few fictional stories that envision a world that we have yet to fully understand. Horrifying creatures, humans with supernatural powers, and species from another world all inhabit the pages of Eerie Encounters where you can observe a realm of fear few have had the misfortune to experience.



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1 Response to Eerie Encounters

  1. Melisa Vogt says:

    A must read!!!!!!!! Definitely gets you thinking about your own life and all of the “what it’s” that go along with it. Briscoe paints characters that you can identify with and leave the story wondering about them days after you read the last word.

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