unexploredlives-cover-artWhat would happen if you left your cell phone with private photos in a bathroom at a high school party, or survived severe childhood physical abuse, or were bullied every day in junior high school? What if you were wrongfully arrested, tricked into loving an unconventional person, or had outside forces change your relationship with your mother? How would you cope with the paranormal, or a discouraging difference in how people saw you, or a perplexing murder with despicable suspects?

Unexplored Lives is a compilation of 9 stories that reflect the varied lives of ordinary people under extraordinary circumstances. These situations may initially seem familiar, but life can be complicated. As you discover the tales within this book, be prepared to cringe, smile, and frown as a world of individuals whose uncommon experiences are uncovered.

“Just finished it for the second time!! Bravo!!” D.M.

“Great read. Some of your stories stayed with me for ages after. Love when that happens!” D.S.

“Awesome book.”  B.K.

“Reminiscent of the late Ray Bradbury – these stories touch upon the human condition and delve into personal pain, lament, and self-empowerment.”  M.T.

“Briscoe paints characters that you can identify with and leave the story wondering about them days after you read the last word.”   M.V.

“The prose is beautifully written in this collection of short stories. Each of them is so poignantly and sensitively written.”  C.S.

Books are great gifts!

Woman resting with cup of hot drink and book near fireplace
Please consider getting Unexplored Lives for your love one.

Buy on Amazon (Available for Kindle): Click here!

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  1. Melisa Vogt says:

    A must read!!!!!!!! Definitely gets you thinking about your own life and all of the “what it’s” that go along with it. Briscoe paints characters that you can identify with and leave the story wondering about them days after you read the last word.

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